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The Christian Sense of History

Updated: Feb 16

3MI Newsletter from August 25th, 2023

The theme for our 5-part series in our recent newsletters has been a focus on the historicity of the Creation Doctrines of the Catholic Church. We want to stress the importance of the historical angle, or rather the historical foundation, when covering and discussing the Creation doctrines. What better place than here to mention Dom Guéranger’s masterful little book, The Christian Sense of History.

Here are a few quotes from Chapter One of this book. There are only four chapters in the work by this Benedictine monk, who worked for the restoration of the Liturgy in a Franch that was devasted by the freemasonry of the 19th century.

The Mary Michael Machabee Institute has available the entire first chapter of this classic that reiterates the futility of outlining an account of history without reference to God’s Revealed Word. The link to the video is below. Feel free to give a comment and share with friends. Dom Guéranger’s writings on the Church and history are both uplifting and enlightening.

Here are three short quotes from Dom Guéranger’s, Christian Sense of History:

History must therefore be Christian, if it wants to be true, for Christianity is the complete truth; every historical framework that sets aside the supernatural order, in its exposition and appreciation of the facts, is a false framework: it does not explain anything and leaves the annals of humanity in chaos and in permanent contradiction to all the ideas that reason forms about the destinies of our race here below. It is because they have felt this, that the historians of our day, who do not belong to the Christian faith, have let themselves be led into such strange ideas when they have salt to provide what they call the ‘philosophy of history’.
Paganism, if it had ever been up to the task of writing a complete history of the world, would never have been able to write more than a cold statistical study of facts. It is not been sufficiently noted that the Christian religion created the true science of history by giving it to the Bible for its base.
Natural Physiology and psychology are thus powerless to explain to man his destiny. In order to do so completely and exactly, one must have recourse to the revealed element; and all philosophy which pretends to determine the end of man by reason alone - apart from faith – is for that very reason tainted with and convicted of heterodoxy.

Click here to purchase the book!


Click below to watch our video of Chapter 1 of

The Christian Sense of History.

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