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Episode 2 - The Works of the Rev. D. W. Cahill

Watch the second video of our series, Catholic Catechisms Defending Creation, as we explore with the Rev. D. W. Cahill the deeper meaning of the concept of "transubstantiation" and expose the absurdity of accusing traditional Catholics of following in the errors of the Protestants.

Catholic Catechisms Defending Creation

Episode 1 - The Blessed Sacrament

Watch the intro video to our flagship series, Catholic Catechisms Defending Creation, as we tear down the "fundamentalist" myth and demonstrate the centrality of the mystery of Creation through the lens of the famous Fr. Faber's book on the Blessed Sacrament.

Over 2 hours of video content available!
Christian Quarter of Jerusalem

Episode 2 - St. Apian

Our second installment of our series putting the Lives of the Saints by Fr. Alban Butler to video is the entry on St. Apian, whose heroic death is a demonstration of the primacy of the supernatural over the natural and a stark reminder of God's ability to suspend the laws of nature as He wills.

Episode 3 - St. Basil the Great

Our first entry from Dom Gueranger's magnum opus, The Liturgical Year, has been abridged from his June 14th entry on the emminent Doctor of the East, St. Basil the Great.  Listen as Dom Gueranger relates a tale about a saint speaking to a time that is shockingly similar to our own.

Lives of the Saints

Episode 1 - St. Vincent of Lerins

Our first installment of our series putting the Lives of the Saints by Fr. Alban Butler to video is the entry on St. Vincent of Lerins, who teaches the Church to cling to whatever has been believed by all Catholics, of all times, in all places.

Inside of a Church

The Doctrinal Series

Episode 1 - What Must I Believe? I

Our series on Catholic Doctrine begins with an exploration of the question of what we are required to believe as Catholics.  We cover several works, most prominently featuring The Dogmatic Catechism by Fr. Giuseppe Frassinetti, who helps us to realize our religious assent is demanded on far more doctrinal issues that mere revealed dogmas.

Episode 2 - What Must I Believe? II

Our series on Catholic Doctrine continues by examining what is and isn't worthy of belief by Catholics. In our second installment, we look at the teaching of St. Thomas, St. Pius X, and Fr. Clifford Fenton when compared with some revealing statements by top scientists in our day.

Vineyard in front of a Church

The Christian Sense of History

Chapter 1 - The Supernatural in History

Watch our video setting of the first chapter of Dom Guéranger's little-known essay, The Christian Sense of History. In it, he discusses the necessity of viewing the story of history with a view to the supernatural and the folly of ignoring it.

All the text read in this video comes directly from the English translation of Dom Guéranger's words.

Church Interior

Catholic Creationist: St. Augustine

Episode 1 - Augustine vs. Jimmy Akin

The first installment of our St. Augustine debate series.  Does St. Augustine actually favor an old earth evolutionary model of the universe?  Let us contrast the claims made about him by the eminent Catholic scholar Jimmy Akin with the words of the great Doctor of the Church himself.

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