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Eastertide Contest Part 2

Answer ANY of the three following questions correctly for a chance to win!

1)  What Catholic Ecumenical Council first answered the question of the timing of the Creation of the angels?

2) What Doctor of the Catholic Church wrote on this dogmatic announcement by the Church on the Creation of the angels? (Hint: He was born on the same date he died!)

3) What Irish Monsignor wrote on this “dogmatic degree” in the 19th century? (Hint: His writing is most likely on your shelves if you have one of the family size heirloom Catholic Bibles.)

Sacred History Yesterday
Sacred History Today

"Tradidi enim vobis in primis quod et accepi..."

I Corinthians xv. 3

Welcome to the Mary Michael Machabee Institute.  Here we are driven by a singular purpose: to ensure that all of the doctrines of Holy Mother Church are known, loved, and served by Catholics the world over.  We believe that the problems plaguing the Church over the past one-hundred-plus years can all be traced back to a single source: ignorance of the holy doctrines that have been handed down by Our Mother, the Church by Catholics from every walk of life.

It is our mission to bring these doctrines back into the hearts and minds of Catholics so that we may begin earnestly contending for them both in the Church and in the world.

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